Saturday, March 15, 2014


North Carolina Association Bureau --

Expedited Arbitration Program Launched

(North Carolina)

Unresolved conflicts and disputes demand attention, deplete resources and distract community leaders.  They destroy the sense of community and peace that every association and its members desire. Traditionally, the courts have been the only choice for finding a resolution. Court action, however, almost always costs a lot of time and money.  ADR options have provided alternatives to litigation but they can be almost as expensive. Now there is another choice. Expedited Arbitration through the North Carolina Association Bureau provides a prompt resolution by experts in HOA law at an affordable, fixed cost.   


The North Carolina Association Bureau is a non-profit corporation that was established in 2012 to assist and support the members and leaders of homeowner associations in North Carolina. In furtherance of this purpose, NCAB promotes and provides cost effective dispute resolution alternatives and free association education and governance resources.


The Expedited Arbitration Program


NCAB's Expedited Arbitration Program provides a private alternative to civil litigation for the resolution of claims and disputes that may arise in condominiums and planned communities.  Arbitration services are provided on a fixed fee basis and are scheduled to allow for full completion of the case within 180 days on average.  This makes the process one of the most economical and efficient legally binding dispute resolution alternatives available.  Hearings are conducted by attorneys who are experts in North Carolina Association law.


Expedited arbitration is completely voluntary.  All parties must agree to arbitration through NCAB and to abide by NCAB's Arbitration Rules.  Expedited arbitration is appropriate for the resolution of any type of dispute that might otherwise be resolved through the courts except collection matters for which uniform statutory processes have been established state-wide.


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To learn more about NCAB and its Expedited Arbitration Program, visit  If you have any questions about the program or how it might help with your situation, contact the Program Administrator at 704-945-4950 or by email at  

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