Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Value of Our Association Attorney

Like our manager, our community’s legal counsel is one of the most important people, other than volunteers and residents, involved in our association. Not a volunteer, but a paid—and integral—member of our association’s professional team, our attorney is intimately familiar with what is happening in our community. And because community association law is complex and ever changing, our association’s attorney is knowledgeable in a wide variety of practice areas that can affect our association, including:
           Premise liability
           Construction warranty
           Directors’ liability
           Real estate
           Architectural and design review
           Environmental law
           Water regulation
           Collections and foreclosure

Our attorney doesn’t represent the board, individual board members, individual homeowners, any group of homeowners or the manager; he or she represents only our association. One person on the board has been designated as the contact with our legal counsel.
In addition to acting on our association’s behalf in legal matters, our attorney also advises the board on its responsibilities and obligations. And as board terms expire, our attorney acts as the de facto association historian as well, so that our board can provide continuity in policy-making and operations.

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