Tuesday, August 30, 2016

HOA Boards Need The Cooperation Of The Community

The HOA Board needs the involvement, participation and support of the entire community to be successful. The board operates and functions for the betterment of the community and to assist residents.

Committees are a necessity in any business or organization. They are created by the Board to provide a way to offer participation and involvement from community members. The community association selects leaders to work with the board. Homeowners must then abide by those rules and decisions. Homeowners can have an impact on decisions by letting their voice be heard through volunteering to serve on committees.

Joining a committee is a rewarding opportunity. Homeowners should share in the responsibility in their association. Owners also have a responsibility to comply with legal obligations within the community. They have an obligation to pay assessments when they are due in order to permit the association to meet its financial obligations. Timely assessment payments save the association, and you, the owner, the added costs of collection activity.

Finally, owners can cooperate and support the association board by encouraging their neighbors to get on board and adhere to the rules and regulations. Residents have influence with their neighbors both positive and negative. When everyone in the community is working together in full cooperation the community morale begins to change. When all homeowners adhere to the HOA guidelines it saves the association the expense of more formal enforcement.

How can you support your HOA Board and influence your neighbors to do the same?

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