Monday, May 12, 2014

Caring for Your Yard in the Spring

Spring season is here, and as flowers bloom in the wild, you are inspired to do some yard work of your own. To get started on your yard, you will need to buy some yard equipment if you do not own any, along with seeds and fertilizers. If you are unsure of what to do to make your yard look beautiful in the spring, here are 5 top tips to take care of your yard after the winter season has left it barren:

Cleaning Your Yard

If you have kept your yard clean during the winter, you will only need to rake it after the ground has dried up, to gather the fallen leaves. However, this is not as simple as it seemsThe entire ground of your yard will not be equally absorbent, leaving patches of wet areas in the midst of a dry yard. Make sure it dries completely before planting, as wet ground is more susceptible to weeds and plant diseases. Make sure your yard is evenly laid out. Dig out high areas and fill out the hollow ground to level it all equallyIf your soil is compacted together, use a rake to loosen it and aerate it properly.

   It is always a good idea to clean up and make 
   sure play areas are safe and in good condition. 

Planting the Grass

Once the soil is ready, you need to plant the grass seeds that you have bought. Different seeds will give varying results based on your geographical location and climatic conditions, so make sure you buy the ones that will work best according to your area. Ask your neighbors or a store clerk for assistance when choosing grass seeds for your lawn or yard. You can choose to seed your grass by hand or use mechanical means if available. Once the seeds have been planted, water the soil and keep it moist.

Fertilizing the Yard

You will also need to fertilize the grass in order to obtain a healthy and uniform growth. It is best to use a slow and low nitrogen product as fertilizer. When applied properly, the rightfertilizer can provide lush green growth to your grass. However,if care is not given to the use of fertilizers, the grass can actually become damaged and have stunted or uneven growth.

Mowing Your Grass

When your grass reaches a height of more than 3 or 4 inches, trim it using a lawnmower. Trimming helps in retaining the beauty of your yard and helps you in keeping it maintained.However, remember not to trim more than half an inch of the growth at any one point in time.

Maintain Your Lawn Equipment

In order to obtain a healthy and beautiful yard in the spring, youneed to not only care for your grass, but also maintain your equipment in its prefect condition. The one machine that is very important for the upkeep of your law is your mower, so make sure that it is kept in good condition even when it is not in useduring the winter season.

Using the tips given above, you can easily care for your yard in the spring season. So get started and grow a healthy and green lawn today! Please make sure to follow any rules your community association may have about making exterior or landscape changes.