Saturday, January 4, 2014

10 Ways to Welcome New Neighbors

Moving homes can be a physically as well as emotionally tiring task. Even if you are just moving across town, a feeling of disorientation can become prevalent and the fact that you do not know anybody in your new neighborhood makes you feel even more like a stranger.

This is especially true for condo and homeowner associations developments where neighbors live very close to one another and a sense of communal living prevails. In such a scenario, being new and unfamiliar with the people around you can be quite daunting.  If you’ve ever been through the experience, you will know that the best way to recover from it, is to be received with a warm and welcoming behavior from your neighbors. 

Associations often need volunteers, as much as much as new neighbors need some orientation.  Every new neighbor selected your community and most are happy, even excited to start contributing to the neighborhood. 

So if you know that new neighbors have shifted near you or in your community, use these ten tips to welcome them to your locality:

1. Introduce Yourself -- The first and most important part of conversing with new neighbors is to introduce yourself and to get to know them better as well. Remember that first impressions can be long-lasting so make yours count.

2. Be Brief but Friendly -- When you talk to your neighbors for the first time, always be brief and to the point. This does not mean that you have to be rude, but you need to show that you understand that they have recently shifted and will require time settling in and you are allowing them to do so by having a brief chat only.

3. Respect Their Privacy -- Nobody enjoys nosy neighbors. Strike up a polite conversation but do not be too inquisitive about their personal lives unless they start the topic themselves.

4. Give Them a Welcome Basket -- Going to visit your neighbors for the first time? Take them a token of your friendship, such as a food gift basket, to welcome them to your neighborhood. A word of caution; some people have food allergies so take food items that are safe and have a lesser risk of allergies.

5. Guide Them Regarding the Local Services in the Neighborhood -- Take a small list of local services with you when you go to welcome your neighbors. They will appreciate the consideration and will find settling in much easier when they are aware of where all the necessary locations are situated within the neighborhood.

6. Invite Them to a Community Event --  Is your community having an event? Are you and all your condo neighbors gathering at the tennis courts for a game? Invite your new neighbors along so that they will feel like they belong to the community now. This will also give them a chance to get to know other people who reside in the same building or area.

7. Host a Party for Them -- Welcome your new neighbors with style by organizing a small party for them. You can include some of your closest neighbors and have a great time getting to know one another better.

8. Inform Them about Local Clubs and Groups They Can Join -- If you are a part of local groups and clubs or if your neighbors have mentioned a particular interest that has a local club; inform them about it so that they can join it and truly feel like they belong to their new locality.

9. Greet Them Whenever You Meet -- Getting along with neighbors is not a one-time thing. Be polite and friendly whenever you meet and greet them even if you are just passing by them on the way to your own condo or home.

10. Help Them with What Needs To Be Done -- The best welcoming party is one that does not increase the workload for newly shifted neighbors. If you are going to greet them, don’t overstay your visit and help them out with any work that needs to be done.
Don’t underestimate the worth of a small and heartfelt neighborly greeting and welcome your neighbors with these ten top tips to help them settle into your locality.

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