Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Why Homeowners Should Volunteer To Serve On The Board

There are many reasons why homeowners volunteer to be a part of your Board of Directors. Below are 10 reasons to Volunteer for your Board of Directors. Our community is constantly looking for dedicated and talented homeowners to join our Board of Directors. Give it a shot!

Why volunteer to be on the Board?
  1. To protect your property values and maintain the quality of life you expect in your community.
  2. To correct a problem within your community. Perhaps parking is an issue, or maintenance has been neglected.
  3. To give back to your community and neighbors.
  4. To be sociable, meet your neighbors, and make friends.
  5. To advance your career and build your personal resume by including your leadership capacity and community volunteer service.
  6. To have fun accomplishing things around your community together with your neighbors.  Being on the Board doesn’t always have to be negative.
  7. To get educated on the many facets of running a community association such as; the many laws and regulations, maintenance and repair, and understanding financials.
  8. To express yourself and be creative while offering your opinion on solutions to your communities day to day problems.
  9. To earn recognition from your peers for your contributions to the community.
  10.  To advance the ‘givers gain’ mentality of improving society as a whole while assisting your neighbors throughout the community.
As you can see, joining your Community Association Board of Directors can be rewarding in many ways. Give it a try!

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