Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Collective Effort of Creating a Safe Community

A community is one of the most basic realities of our social lives, the fact that our existence is dependent upon our friends and family makes the entire concept of community an important one. In philosophical terms a community is composed of different people who follow certain behaviors and commit certain actions that not only affect our lives but also the people we love. The actions can be divided into two broader categories, the first one are the people that commit activities that are social in nature whereas the second category commits actions that are antisocial.

The antisocial activities are damaging for the society as they are considered as crimes and infrastructural inefficiencies. Statistics indicate that America has one of the highest crime rates in the world which showcases the fact that the formation of a safe community in America is highly improbable. But what matters is that we try to identify the major loopholes in our society and figure out what really needs to be done. Here are some of the ways through which we can make our community safe:

Interaction with the Society:

The most fundamental rule of creating and maintaining a safe society is to be interactive. Interaction with your neighbors, people who work in super markets or even someone who moves into your neighborhood should always feel welcomed. The sign of a safe community is that people are continuously interactive with each other, sharing thoughts, stories or just random gossip is enough. This will mainly increase unity among people and collectively will help to eradicate antisocial behavior.

Law Enforcement:

The proper enforcement of law and order is obviously an intrinsic part of a safe community. It is the truth that violence is a natural phenomenon when it comes to human beings, what matters more is that law enforcement should not be neglected. For this purpose relationships should be initiated between the community and the local police. The police in turn will be more dedicated towards their role because now it’s not just random people they are protecting but rather they are protecting their friends.

Neighborhood Watch:

No matter how good of a relationship you develop with the local police crimes will still be committed. Here is what you can do from your side to make the community a safer place. Establish a neighborhood watch! A neighborhood watch system comprises of a group of residents who patrol their respective communities so that the safety of the residents can be improved. Usually neighborhood watch systems are quite efficient and play a role beyond catching a criminal, for example a neighborhood watch might help a lost child or a pet.

Home Security:

One thing needs to be straightened out is that the potential target of a criminal can be anyone in your community and the best way to resolve this problem individually is to implement home security systems.

Everything above mentioned needs investment of your time and money but the brutal truth is that individuals alone cannot do much, it essentially comes down to the collective efforts of the entire community hence everyone needs to play their part.

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