Wednesday, March 19, 2014

National Homeowner Association Satisfaction Survey

Zogby International conducted telephone interviews in January 2012 with a nationally representative, statistically valid sample of adults residing in homeowners associations, condominiums, cooperatives and other planned communities. The survey was sponsored by the Foundation for Community Association Research.

The finding surprise industry critics:

Residents... Zogby finding: 70% of community association residents are satisfied with their association experience. Only 8% express dissatisfaction.
  • A 70 percent satisfaction rating—with fewer than one in 10 residents expressing some level of dissatisfaction—is a clear reflection of the dedication and skill of community association volunteer leaders and professional managers. Most institutions and political candidates would be immensely pleased with such an approval rating.

  • We’d all like to see an even lower level of dissatisfaction. At the same time, it’s important to recognize that community association living is not ideal for everyone. Potential buyers need to understand not just the attributes of a community, but also the nature and obligations of living in an association before they buy.

Governing Boards... Zogby finding: 88% of association residents believe their governing boards strive to serve the best interests of the community; only 10% believe their boards don’t; and 2% aren’t sure.
  • Association board members are responsible for meeting the established expectations of their neighbors. They are expected to anticipate issues, solve problems, resolve disputes, and preserve the nature and character of their communities.
  • Community association boards enjoy a solid base of support among their residents. It says a lot when almost 90 percent of all residents believe their governing boards are working hard to serve their communities. This research affirms that the vast majority of people who govern community associations are committed volunteers working diligently to build strong and stable communities.

Community Managers... Zogby finding: 73% of association residents say their community manager provides value and support to residents and the association as a whole; 21% say their managers don’t provide value and support; and 6% aren’t sure.

  • Community managers are critical to the communities they serve, using their knowledge, experience and expertise to manage day-to-day association operations. Many associations could not function without the guidance and support of managers. Their value cannot be overstated.
  • Whether they are managing homeowners associations, condominium communities or cooperatives, experienced community managers understand how associations should function, how to meet resident expectations, how to plan and prepare for the future, and how to address the wide range of challenges that most associations face.

Association Rules... Zogby finding: 76% of association residents say association rules protect and enhance property values; only 3% believe that rules harm property values; and 21% see no difference or aren’t sure.

  • This finding confirms overwhelming homeowner appreciation for common-sense rules that are applied fairly and consistently.
  • Rules and restrictions can be a source of disagreement and discontent in virtually any environment, including associations. Some people simply don’t like to be told they can’t do something or must do something. However, much like employees in the workplace, homeowners have a contractual obligation to adhere to association rules.

Association Assessments... Zogby finding: 81% of association residents feel positive about the value they get from their community association assessments. Community association assessments are an investment in the community. Homeowners in community associations have a right to see their assessments put to good use, and more than four out of five homeowners do see a positive return on this investment. Would four out of five Americans say the same about their taxes?

Government Regulation... Zogby finding: 86% of association residents oppose additional government regulation of their community associations. Intrusive regulation is unnecessary and unwanted by the vast majority of Americans who live in community associations. This should give pause to those who use isolated anecdotal evidence to advocate for legislation that may be unnecessary at best and costly and counterproductive at worst. Reasonable and necessary regulation will not hinder associations’ ability to serve the best interests of their homeowners.

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