Saturday, March 8, 2014

Importance of Being in Good Terms with Your Neighbors – What to Do?

Unlike your friends, you do not get to choose your neighbors.When you move in to a new place, there is a natural urge to meet people who are around to stop the feeling of disorientation caused by unfamiliar place. In some cases, your neighbors will approach you by themselves, however, mostly the new resident is expected to start the social interaction. So, exactly what it takes to build good relationships with strangers living next door, and why is it necessary for a healthy life style?

    Paul Mengert, President 
    Association Management Group, Inc.

Not having good terms with your neighbor can make your life extremely frustrating. No matter how much you deny, these people are more like a family, and are an integral part of your life. Building relationships require courtesy, honesty, interpersonal skills, and most of all, politeness. Use the guidelines below to develop new connections and rapport in the new society.

Make A Good First Impression

Don’t keep waiting for your neighbor to approach you – maybe he/she also has the same thought in mind. When you meet yournext-door resident for the first time, make sure you pleasantly introduce yourself. Remember, keep the first conversation brief and to the point. You also need to be careful about the time you choose to greet. You cannot expect a person to listen to you when he/she is leaving for work.

Respect Other’s Priorities

This is the key to building ‘lasting’ terms. Without being too inquisitive about their lifestyle, try to find out what is their schedule and family life like. If your neighbor has kids, they willobviously not tolerate noisy evenings; however, if there is a young couple who usually works night shifts, they would look forward to quieter mornings.

A Token of Friendship

If you are planning a first visit to your neighbors house, it is a good idea to present something as a token of love. Ideally, food items such as chocolates, wine, or pastries should be your pick.Even flowers will do the trick!

Warning: Cooking at home may prove to be a bad idea for some people are allergic to certain food products.

Share Useful Information with New Residents

New neighbors should always be welcomed whole-heartedly.Show courtesy by providing them a list of important numbers, emergency services available, and contact information of a local library and shopping mall. Your gesture will certainly be appreciated and help you start a new relationship on a positive note.

Control Your Pet

Keep your dog restricted if it is in the habit of running rampantoutside. A noisy dog is one of the most common reasons of annoyed near-about residents. Local animal organizations can provide you adequate help if you have a dog that barks frequently and loudly.

Help your Neighbor to Mingle with Others Also

This is the best thing you can do for a new neighbor on the street. Once you have developed good links, host a dinner party with other close-by residents to welcome the new family.

Show your Concern

In case of an emergency, or an unfortunate incident, support your neighbor by lending a hand in their matters. Don’t forget that you are also a neighbor and there might be a day when you may also need help.


  1. What do you do if you have a neighbor that insists upon drinking alcohol on the front lawn to the point of insensible intoxication, throwing all night parties featuring intoxicated underage boys, continual blasting of loud vulgar suggestive music until the wee hours of the morning, and-after numerous reports to your HOA with hopes of covenant enforcement-your pleas go ignored? I would really love to know! This situation is happening in my neighborhood!

  2. Try calling your local law enforcement. Public intoxication and underage drinking is illegal.