Sunday, April 27, 2014

Best Plants for Easy Indoor Gardening

Some homeowners who have a green thumb, experiment with alarge variety of plants in their gardens and backyards. However,many others do not have the time or the space to care for theirgarden and plants in the best way.

If you are too busy to care for your garden and are searching forlow maintenance plants; or if you lack the open space of a garden or a backyard to cultivate your plants; here are some ofthe best indoor plants that you can easily keep and maintain within your home without excessive effort:


Care  This plant can survive is varying light conditions, and requires normal temperatures and regular watering to survive.

Décor  You can place it in a pot or even hang it in a basket as its trailing stems can grow as long as 8 feet.

Properties  Its natural air purifying properties clear your home of harmful toxins.


Care  Aloe can easily survive in room temperatures of nearly 70 degrees and requires plenty of sunlight. Avoid watering this plant frequently as it prefers dry soil.

Décor  Large potted plants can grow as high as 3 feet. Smaller versions however, are perfect for random sunny corners around the house.

Properties  The leaves of an Aloe contain a sap that has medicinal properties, used to make many skincare products.

Spider Plant

Care  Give this plant an average amount of natural light and with room temperatures of 60-75 degrees, it will thrive in your home. However, remember to keep the soil slightly moist at all times.

Décor  Add a twist to your decor with this springy plant that can work well as a potted or hanging plant.

English Ivy

Care  With moist soil and cool room temperatures rangingfrom 50-70 degrees, English Ivy is a trailing plant that can easily be planted in any home by bringing a sample and placing it in your pot.

Décor  Due to its trailing stems and creeping characteristics, English Ivy can be used to decorate your home with elegance.

Jade Plant

Care  This plant can survive on little water and grows well in bright light with normal room temperatures.

Décor  The Jade Plant grows slowly and provides a lush green element to your décor.

Rubber Tree

Care  Medium to bright light conditions, temperatures between 60-80 degrees, and regular watering allow this plant to grow in the best way.

Décor  This tree has naturally glossy leaves, adding a shine and color to any living space. It can grow up to 8 feet tall.


Care  This plant can live in low to medium lighting. However, the temperature should not be lower than 60 degrees and the soil should be kept moist.

Décor  For a tropical touch, place this plant in your home. With its big leaves and up to 6 feet height, it can alter the atmosphere of any residence.

Peace Lily

Care  this flowering plant requires low lighting, low humidity,moist soil, and temperatures of about 85 degrees.

Décor  with its pretty white flowers, the Peace Lily can bring color and beauty to your living room.

Snake Plant

Care  The Snake Plant can grow is varying light conditions and temperatures, with dry soil and atmosphere.

Décor  Growing upright in a pot with twisted leaves, this plant has double colored leaves and can occasionally bloom with white flowers, adding style and elegance to your home.


Purchase these plants or experiment with your own chosen potted plants, to enjoy gardening without the hassle or need of excessive space.

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