Sunday, April 27, 2014

Simple Advice for New Owners

Communities that are managed by HOAs (Home Owner Associations) often have several rules and regulations that must be followed by every resident. These specifirequirements are often applied to homeowners so that they will be able to live harmoniously within the neighborhood and benefit from itsfacilities in the best manner.

Before moving into an HOA community, it is important to be aware of the association’s particular set of regulations, as this can help you in settling down within the neighborhood in a more comfortable way. Keep reading to discover how you can settledown into an HOA community with ease.

Pick the Right Community

Because different community have different rules and standards, as a buyer (or renter) make sure you pick a community that fits your life style. 

Follow the Rules

As mentioned above, every HOA has its set of regulations and rules. They might be related to your individual conduct withinthe community; your rights and obligations while residing in the particular locality; or might even contain information regarding the various permissions and restrictions enforced upon the homeowners that are a part of the association. For instance, many HOAs do not allow property owners to renovate their home exteriors without obtaining the permission of the association. Similarly, there might be a no-littering policy or a landscaping facility provided to the people living in the community. Regardless of what the rules may be, consider them with care and once you move into your new area, follow these rules as aresponsible member of the society.

Pay Your Dues

HOAs charge homeowners for the facilities they provide. Determine the maintenance cost of living within any particular HOA and estimate if you will be able to pay the fees along with your other monthly expenses. Timely payment will help you in settling down effectivelywithout paying any fines or penaltiesto the association.

Attend Social Events

Among the facilities provided by HOAs, one of them is to organize social gatherings and events for the residents of the neighborhood. Attend all social events organized by theassociation and socialize with your neighbors so that you will be able to settle down in your new community in the best way.

Participate Actively at Community Meetings

HOAs schedule occasional meetings with all of the homeowners to discuss problems and obtain views and suggestions from them, regarding the community. If you are shifting to an HOA neighborhood, be present for all such meetings and be ready to provide necessary feedback to the association in order to improve its working.

Avail the Facilities

The best benefit of living within an HOA community is theavailability of numerous amenities provided to the residents.However, most of these services are maintained at a cost that isprovided by you on a monthly basis in the form of maintenance fees. Thus, if you are living within an HOA neighborhood, make the most of your money and be sure to avail all of the facilitiesbeing provided to you as a homeowner.


Use these measures to avoid prolonging your settlement within an HOA neighborhood and enjoy the various benefits of living in a close-knit community.

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