Sunday, October 5, 2014

Why We Need a Architectural (Design) Review Program

Whether first-time homeowners or long-time residents, we all have a hefty investment in your home.  So it’s important to preserve the value of our residences—as well as the surrounding common areas —by keeping buildings well maintained and in a style that is compliant with the community's governing documents that compliments adjacent structures and landscaping.

    Paul K. Mengert, President
    Association Management Group, Inc. 


When our homes’ exteriors are in good shape and the grass is cut, the hedges trimmed, the trash picked up and the sidewalks and roads well-maintained, the community is attractive to prospective buyers and renters, and property values are preserved.


Arichitecual (design) review program is a big part of sustaining the community’s appearance and property values. While design guidelines vary greatly by community the limitations are to allow some flexibility while insuring the character of the community is not adversely impacted.


Please contact your manager or a member of the association’s architectural design review committee or the executive board if you’re considering a project for your home that involves the exterior; redesigning or installing landscaping; constructing a fence, adding a secondary structure (like a garden shed, dog house, swing set or garage); or installing solar panels, ham radio antennas or satellite antenna (although many communities allow such improvements or additions it is always best to check with your community before undertaking any project).


The review committee will provide you with the association’s architectural guidelines, application instructions and review procedures. In many cases the manager or committee members will be glad to help make recommendations that will help you not only make an improvement consistent with your communities guidelines, but also in a manner which will help increase your property value.

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