Saturday, March 5, 2016

Things to Prepare to Succeed at Community Spring Yard Sale

For some people, a community spring yard sale is just an occasion to get fun. For others, however, it’s an opportunity to get some profits from the event. What can people do to be successful in it? A thorough preparation will help them achieve a good result. First of all, they need to find out whether or not there are restrictions their local government or neighborhood may have. Not all regions are into garage sales, actually. Some locations require a legal permission to for a community to be able to conduct a Homeowners Association spring sale. Most of them only allow it once per year.

Legal Aspect of a Yard Sale

If there isn’t any legal trouble, they can start promoting the event. The fact is more people who attend the community spring sale are the better. They will become potential buyers. How can people promote it? The simplest strategy would be an online advertising. It’s fast and free. There are some free classifieds from where people can take advantage of. Also, they can promote by using local Craiglist or association management. One thing, they must put it in the garage sale category. It’s more efficient than putting it on random categories. Another idea is to put the advertisement on Facebook groups. Many people will read it, for sure.

Once they are done with the promotion, they should take care of the yard sale signs. Some regions are easy with this issue. However, the others will be very strict about it. In some cases, it will be illegal to put an HOA sign without the concern of the authorities. What is the use of the sign? Well, it’s to attract people. It’s quite a daunting task to create a readable, sturdy, and good looking yard sale sign. Some people choose to create colorful signs while the others prefer to choose the simple ones.


The next consideration is the human resource. People are free to choose who are going to work with them on the community spring yard sale. They can even bring their kids. Not much are successful in this event. However, they can make good cash if they do it seriously. For others, it’s just an entertainment. Overall, each person has a different reason why they join the yard sale. It’s also a perfect opportunity to look for useful items like toys, books, decorations, clothing, board games, and more. Everything is on sale. That means the prices are good.  People these days are really into this Community Association event, especially in spring.

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