Tuesday, March 1, 2016

How Can A Resident Change The Attitude of The Community From Negative To Positive

At AMG we have heard it all. We know HOA’s have a lot of negativity surrounding them, and rarely do you see a homeowner praising their HOA. Even if they did find something positive to say they would be unpopular in the community if they voice their positive opinions. For the most part residents whine about their HOA because of the rules.

Despite all of the negativity most homeowners have with their HOAs, they fail to stop and think of a reason to appreciate them.

HOA boards and managers are mostly made up of people who are dedicated to their community and passionate about wanting it to be great! Most property managers are on the side of the homeowner. Many homeowners don’t understand everything that the management company does for their neighborhood.

People complain about the HOA fines, but they never hear the good stories about waived or reduced fines. Rarely do they hear stories when the HOA does something good to help others, like one HOA director who offered to help repair a homeowners fence because the resident was ill and needed to complete it in a timely manner to comply. Another positive story is about the HOA manager who gathered volunteers to help improve the common area that saved the association hundreds of dollars.

If you are upset because you have received a letter from your HOA telling you that you need to mow the lawn, then maybe you should check and see if the lawn needs mowed. If your HOA is asking you to repair something on your house  or pull weeds, then there must be an issue.  Take the high road and positive response.

To be perfectly honest, the HOA board is not spending their time sitting around trying to figure out who they can write letters just to annoy and offend homeowners in a community. They write these letters to uphold statues in the community, to keep it nice so that your home values increase, and to ensure a safe environment for you to raise your family.

If you are not in agreement with your HOA and have the negative approach to what they are doing, maybe you should attend a meeting. Voice your opinion and see how you can take a positive active role in your HOA. Get involved and be a catalyst to help make changes. If you take the positive approach you may be surprised to see your neighbors follow you. If you see something positive in your neighborhood or an improvement, a friendly wave to your HOA director might be a good habit to start. Most HOA directors really do care about the community. Do you care enough to help change the attitude of the residents in your community?

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