Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What Security Measures Does Your HOA Take?

When it comes to safety and security of a Homeowner's Association community, often times the best defense is good offense. Each state has different requirements connected to an association’s responsibilities when it comes to defending its dwellers, however, at some point, everyone needs to ask himself the simple question – what security measures does your HOA take? Warning alarms, advanced gates, guards — are great measures to keep the unwanted visitors away from our walls, however, there are other ways to prevent thieves and other uninvited individuals. 

1.  Has your Homeowner's Association developed a safety policy? In this policy, HOA should create a process for annual revision of on-going security systems and find out what kind of security measures to consider in the future, and then tailor a budget accordingly. 

2.  Has your HOA established a relationship with local police? Invite local police officers who protect your neighborhood to come and talk at board meetings. This is mainly because you wouldn't want your first interaction with law enforcement to be in the event of an accident. 

3.  Has your HOA created a safety committee? This group of people would be in charge of  supervising the property on a regular basis, in order to recognize possible security flaws.

4.  Has your HOA met all the neighbors? Developing the awareness of community will support everyone. Neighbors  who are on friendly terms with each other, are more likely to look out for one another and be more aware of what’s going on in their community. It's important to plan  occasional gatherings where neighbors can get acquainted with one another. 

5. Has your HOA reminded home owners about security? As simple as it may sound, this is one easy way to get everyone's needs met. If HOA goes into the trouble to publish at least a bi-monthly safety tips in homeowners association publication, this alone can raise the awareness and security at once. Demonstrating crime statistics of the community they live in  and talking about measures that are designed to keep your neighborhood safe. 

These are the questions everyone needs to ask themselves at some point, but whichever safety measures your Homeowners Association takes, make sure you understand your personal responsibility in your home's security.

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